The Britain that is going to be forged in the white heat of this revolution

In 1963 the Labour Prime Minister – Harold Wilson – gave his famous white heat of technology speech in a Scarborough hotel, promising a new vision of Britain – as a place of progress, technology and science.  A year later, on the 19th December 1964, Wilson was in Manchester, to open the John Dalton College of Technology  50 years later the John Dalton site is home to the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University, one of the largest science faculties in the country and centre of world leading research.

Throughout 2014 Manchester Metropolitan University is running the 50-50 project.  50 public engagement projects, celebrating 50 years of science at John Dalton. These pages aim to chart the history and development of the John Dalton Campus, to provide an archive of the buildings, machines and people who have made their careers working in science and technology in the city. The project will cumulate with an exhibition at the Holden Art Gallery starting on 23rd October 2014.


mmu logo





Images courtesy of Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Local Image collection, so don’t go putting them on biscuit tins and tea towels.


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