Science & Engineering in perfect harmony

Jod bank JD Faculty of technology prospectus

Science & Engineering in perfect harmony – its Jodrell Bank in the Polytechnic Prospectus.


70’s Selfie


Bob Cliff: Physics Technician late 1970’s

John Dalton Central Block corridor, outside C10 Lecturer Room. It is reversed as I am looking into the blacked out door glass, which is acting as a mirror. (note radiation monitoring film badge)

The door was to, the then recently removed, John Dalton Library. Behind me is the top of the stairs down to the Staff and separate Student Refectories and the Assembly Hall complete with a proscenium arch stage. The Commemorative Opening  Plaque was on the wall outside the Hall.

I think it was taken in about 1979, but may have been 2 or 3 years either or later. I’m sure some people will remember the mural on the corridor leading to the Dean’s Office and the door to the walkway to the ‘New Extension’ building.


The Manchester Poly Racing Car

James Hunt1 cropped

Pick a card, any card!

JPR Willims cropped

JPR Williams admiring the bodywork.

James Hunt2 cropped

Did you know that Manchester Poly had its own racing car? Here are JPR Williams and James Hunt – at least one of whch is a famous racing driver, looking ‘interested’. Is that a cigarette in James Hunt’s hand in picture three? He wants to watch his tie near that bunsen burner!